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what does the quote "part of me is made of glass. and also, i love you" mean to you?


It’s about meeting someone and knowing they could break you into a million tiny pieces, and yet…you still love them. It’s about recognising that love is something that rarely comes easy, never comes without a cost, but boy is it worth it. It’s about finding that thing that you would be willing to give it all up for. That thing…or that person. 

It’s about fragility. 

Love and fragility. 

To me, anyway.




We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow


I Thought I Was an Alien



A Self Portrait Through Her (Nika in Tears), New York City. April 2013.

i don’t want you to leave

Ana Kraš & Devendra Banhart in Shy Gestures for The Avant/Garde Diaries

Thank you.
Thank you for teaching me what it is like to love someone and hate that same person at the same fucking time.
Thank you for causing me to sit on my bathroom floor and cry so much that I wish I would just fucking drown.
Thank you for making me feel alive. I felt things for you that I had never felt about any other person before. The thought of losing you kept me awake at night.
Thank you for being the reason that reality was finally much better than my dreams.
Thank you for cancelling our plans so many times that I found out the true meaning of unreliability.
Thank you for showing me that even perfect people have flaws, the cracks in your apologies showed me that even if I didn’t say, “It’s fine,” you wouldn’t have made any effort to fix what you did anyway.
Thank you for showing me what it’s like to give forgiveness and wish I never had, you got away lightly with every fucking thing you did wrong, I wish I had screamed at you so hard about how much you made my heart hurt but I still wouldn’t be able to leave.
Thank you for pulling me in with your false words, “You’re too nice.” I never knew that someone could be “Too nice.” Maybe you just couldn’t handle someone who didn’t have the courage to speak up, I’m sorry you couldn’t read minds.
Thank you for walking past me in the corridor today, you kept your head down as if you had never stayed up late on the phone to me while you talked about how beautiful the sky looked that night.
Thank you for holding my hand and then never coming near me again, I now know what it’s like to crave something so much it feels like if you don’t have it again you will suffocate.
Thank you for fooling your friends into thinking that you rarely knew me when really I know you more than they do.
I know your secrets, I know how you hate that mark on your ring finger, I know your favourite acoustic song, I know about how you used to collect train tickets, I know the real you. Don’t act like I don’t exist, a smile or an nod of acknowledgement would be enough to make me feel like this whole experience wasn’t a complete waste of my time. I guess I’m just a new addition to your list of strangers who you think don’t understand, but I know you.

~   things I never got chance to thank you for  (via iclungtoy0u)

By: Karina Yashagina
~   Charles Yu

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